Feel like a Pamplonés in San Fermín

Are you ready for San Fermin? This Saturday Pamplona will be the capital of the world. Once the ‘chupinazo’  explode the most international ‘fiesta’ begins. And we’ll help you to enjoy it and feel fully integrated. In Nonbait.com you can find some tips.



Red an White: During San Fermín there are just two colours in Pamplona: Red and White. And the ‘pañuelico’ is essential. Always red, you can choose between one with the emblem of the City of Pamplona or with the Navarra’s one. But you can also take the Osasuna one (the Pamplona football team).

Chupinazo: Get your ‘pañuelico’ as soon as possible because the 6th at noon it’s time to tie it around the neck. The ‘fiesta’ starts from the Town Hall Square, but the party is also in ‘peñas’, ‘sociedades’ and surrounding streets. If you don’t like being trapped between people, we recommend you to stay at Plaza del Castillo or other surroundings streets. And, if you can, let Pamplonese people invite you to a ‘peña’ or a ‘sociedad’.

El encierro: It’s just two or three minutes a day, but without it San Fermín wouldn’t be as famous as it is. If this is your first visit to Iruña we recommend you not to get into the encierro. You should go to the Plaza de Toros and watch it from the Barrier. The Plaza is open from 7a.m. and, once the ‘Encierro’ ends, there is an spectacle  with other bulls, smaller and with the horns covered. At Nonbait.com you will see many memories you can take and show your friends and families. Maybe you like Tetis, the famous Kukuxumuxu’s cow. Those memories are, undoubtedly, less painful than a butt or a possible head injury.


Still, if you want to take a chance and dive into the passion of  ‘encierro’, please take in mind a few pointers: Bring comfortable clothes, but try to wear just red and white. Never, never, never touch the animal or incite it. And much less provoke a shift in the herd. Let the other runners run and planify the route you will take. Do not run if did not go to sleep. If you had a long night you should go to La Mañueta and take a Douzen of their famous ‘churros’.

Las peñas: It is the base of San Fermín. They are groups of friends who get together in Pamplona during these days to enjoy. They go to the running bulls wuth food, drink and paintings about recent news in the city. In addition, each ‘peña’ has a sort of pub or club open to the public, in which the party can be found anytime.

Toros: In Pamplona the show at the Plaza de Toros is not in the sand, but in the sun terrace on the ‘peñas’ placed there. If you join them probably you won’t be able to tell anybody what happened in the sand. The boys go to the Plaza to eat and drink.

Eat and Drink: In Euskal Herria any excuse is valid to enjoy the food and to drink. You can find pintxos and sandwiches everywhere. To drink you will have to choose between Wine, Kalimotxo (red wine + Coca Cola) and Patxaran, a liqueur made from sloe berries and anise. Maybe you must keep in mind that eat and drink during San Fermín is not cheap.


Therefore, and due to the anticipation of a very hot San Fermin, from Nonbait we recommend you to take the drink. Acquire one of our boots and the best wine to enjoy it throughout the day. A tip: if you’ve never drunk from a boot, try first with a bib at home.

Txapela: Txapela still survives among many youth, although many other modern hats try to take its place. In red or black, is an element that will keep your head dry and warm. And if you are not cling to the tradition, you can choose also the kukuxumusu hat.

The Riau-Riau: This is the most intimate and emotional ceremony for Pamplona. It was the old parade being conducted by the corporation from City Hall to the church. After being suspended in 1991, Pamploneses people retake it. In just 500 metres, navarrese dance the popular ‘Vals de Astrain’ during the afternoon of july 6th.

El Estruendo: It is an act with the only goal of make noise. They start at 12 pm, following the interpretation of Agur Jaunak and anybody can take part on it.


Caravinagre: If you are someone who stays up till late, probably you won’t meet them. Caravinagre is loved and feared at the same time. It is one of the components of the group of Giants, ‘Cabezudos’, ‘Kilikis’ (big heads hitting) and ‘Zaldikos’.

Ciutadella Park: Located in the center of Pamplona, ​​is the setting for the fireworks and, in the mornings of San Fermin, a place where many guys try to relax outdoors after a night out. Funfair used to be there, but now is located next to the ‘Corrales de Santo Domingo», in the lower part of the city.

‘Pobre de mí’: The end of San Fermin. It takes place the night of July 14, when pamplonese light candles and raise their ‘pañuelicos’  singing ‘Pobre de mí’.


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